Our Shoes Are


Flexible sole and soft leather design allows feet to move effortlessly and naturally.


Made with lightweight materials designed for a barefoot feel.


Made with love and craftsmanship. Each shoe is hand stitched and meticulously inspected to the highest of standards.

Gel sole

(Only offered on the ballerinas)Take giant leaps and tread lightly. Leather-lined, squishy gel soles cushion each step.

Soft leather

Genuine, soft leather is used inside and out to enhance style, flexibility, fit and comfort.

About Us

Our mission is to create beautiful, high quality shoes from ethically sourced leather - with no compromises on comfort. Each piece is handmade, with extra care given to every little detail, delivering irresistible products time after time. But our mission doesn’t stop there. We strongly believe everyone should have access to employment and education. Our operations at Lenny Lu provides underprivileged women with an income to help them achieve their dreams. We have also partnered with SaveTheChildren.org to fulfil every child’s right to education. 

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