These days, it seems there’s always a compromise. Do I choose the shoes that look good but are uncomfortable, or the ones that are comfortable but look like something my great-grandmother would wear? Finding the perfect shoe can make you feel like Prince Charming in pursuit of his Cinderella - a seemingly fruitless mission.

That’s why we started LennyLu™, creating comfortable, flexible shoes that deliver freedom, beauty, and versatility in one. Our Brazilian designer and founder duo are passionate about bringing color and fun into otherwise ordinary monotonous life.

Supple, soft-as-a-feather leather is gentle on sensitive, growing skin. However, LennyLu™ is about more than shoes. We envision a world where mothers can easily and confidently nurture the bonds they share with their daughters, through matching shoes that reflect your matching DNA, personalities, and souls.

We are more than just a team. We’re family, and family always sticks together. Together, we are stronger - strong enough to make a difference where it matters most. Aside from bringing mothers and daughters just a little closer, we are also proud to be creating employment and educational opportunities for marginalized communities, bringing underprivileged women one step closer to achieving their dreams.

A Step in the Right Direction

We feel incredibly blessed and privileged to be able to live our dream jobs, bringing families closer while making a real difference in hundreds if not thousands of lives. Aside from supporting marginalized communities with employment opportunities, we donate a portion of all proceeds to childhood education. We have partnered with to fulfil every child’s right to education. Every step a child takes matters, and with more little feet headed in the right direction, we can create a future our children can be proud of.

Just like shoes, education has no one-size-fits-all option. Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to choose their “shoe.” Studies show that, by age 4, children from low-income families display developmental stagnation that places them up to 18 months behind their more privileged peers. Early education is critical in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Neurological research shows that the things children are exposed to during their early years has a huge impact on brain development. The right education can define or compromise their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, which is why we are so passionate about making children’s lives special from as early as possible.

The mind of a child is like a sponge, ready and able to absorb anything it comes into contact with - education included. As we grow, it becomes harder and harder for us to retain information. Childhood is the best time to lay the foundations of quality education!